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Does Curb Appeal Really Matter That Much?

Curb appeal

Increasing curb appeal is the primary reason consumers hire B&B Power Clean to do pressure washing, despite the fact that pressure washing is an excellent means of preserving external surfaces and avoiding premature degradation. Whether they had the idea after seeing a satisfying video of sidewalk pressure washing on the internet or had the idea on their own, pressure washing is the greatest method to improve the aesthetic value of a home.

The Importance Of Curb Appeal For Commercial Properties

The majority of company owners are aware of the correlation between a store's curb appeal and an increase in foot traffic. Businesses with appealing facades often see an increase in foot traffic, therefore pressure washing is typically done twice or three times a year.

Sidewalk cleaning, building washing, and storefront washing are all ways to rid outdoor spaces of the gum, graffiti, grease (the three terrible g's), and organic pollutants that may dull and even destroy the appearance of otherwise pleasant spaces. Pressure washing is the one-and-done solution to all of these aesthetic problems, which may seem too good to be true at first.

Taking care of the outside of your store is a certain method to maintain or increase its visual appeal to customers. While the benefits of this are self-evident, let's use data from a 1,000-person Omnibus survey to further understand it. The results of the poll indicated that:

  • More than half of potential customers didn't enter a business because they decided it looked unclean from the outside.
  • If a store doesn't "look like a place I would regularly shop," over 40% of potential customers won't even set foot inside.
  • Ninety-five percent of customers reported that the store's outside affected their choice to enter.
  • Over half of the clients surveyed said they have made a snap judgment about a business's credibility based on its exterior alone.

When you look at the data, you can understand why storefront cleaning and other pressure washing services are so popular among company owners.

Curb Appeal For Houses

It's not only commercial buildings that benefit from a good pressure cleaning. Homes that have been properly maintained and have more curb appeal get greater prices during appraisals and sales. Collaborative research between the universities of Alabama and Texas found that the average selling price of a property with great curb appeal was 7% more than the average.

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