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Roof Cleaning To Keep Your Rooftops Looking Their Best

Roof cleaning

Many Lincoln City residents are unaware that pressure cleaning a roof has a whole different approach. Our roof cleaning service at B&B Power Clean employs soft washing to provide optimal results while minimizing the chance of damaging your shingles and tiles.

Soft washing is truly our expertise, and we relish every opportunity to demonstrate it. With this, you can be assured that when you hire B&B Power Clean, your roof cleaning service will be the greatest possible outcome attainable, easily outperforming our competitors' results. Using our service guarantees that your rooftop will be looking its best in no time.

To kill two birds with one stone, we frequently combine our roof cleaning service with gutter cleaning and brightening. Give us a call at 541-921-4493 to find out how it works.

Specialized Soft Washing Services

The distinction between soft washing and regular power washing is significant. Regular pressure washing uses a staggering water pressure level of up to 4000 psi to literally scrape away at the filth and growths it targets. Soft washing, on the other hand, uses a low psi level in combination with particular chemicals and detergents to chemically and carefully remove all of the filth and growths. Both produce lovely results (a spotless and healthy outdoor surface), but soft washing is necessary for roof cleaning.

This approach is specialized during each visit depending on a variety of factors, including the type of roofing you have and your concerns. Give us a call at 541-921-4493 if you want to learn more about pressure washing for Lincoln City residents.

The Dangers Of Neglecting Your Roof

As one of the most important structural parts of a home, it is essential to keep your roof clean and safe. Having said that, going onto your roof with a sponge is the last thing you want to do. Scheduling a roof cleaning service from B&B Power Clean is a better option. We are reliable and secure, and you will always be pleased with the outcomes.

Our roof soft cleaning treatment will destroy and prevent future organic growths from deteriorating your roof prematurely. If allowed to flourish, these growths may weaken or lift our shingles and roof tiles, causing breakage and enabling water to infiltrate beneath and cause wood rot. These growths include varying types of algae, bacteria, molds, mildew, fungi, moss, and lichen. A long list, that's for sure.

To prevent these growths from harming your Lincoln City roof, book a roof cleaning service with B&B Power Clean, the most dependable pressure washing business in the area, today.

Recent Roof Cleaning Projects

Roof Cleaning Project in Lincoln City, OR

Roof Cleaning Project in Lincoln City, OR

We did a proper soft wash with a low pressure rinse to remove almost all of the moss to start this roof cleaning in lincoln city. What traces remain after the low-pressure rinse will disappear over time with the zinc application we apply after this process. […]

Moss Removal And Roof Cleaning in Lincoln City, OR

Moss Removal And Roof Cleaning in Lincoln City, OR

Doing lots of moss removal, roof cleaning, and gutter cleaning In Salem, Lincoln City, and Newport Oregon. This one was very satisfying. The roof needed it badly and the customers were very appreciative and left a wonderful review. I have multiple treatment methods to take care […]

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