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About B&B Power Clean - An Expert Pressure Washer You Can Depend On


Home and business owners are always looking for that edge to keep their property well-maintained and looking great. To accomplish these goals, hiring a reputable pressure washer in Lincoln City is essential, and we at B&B Power Clean make it an easy and smooth process so you can take some weight off your shoulders.

Founded in 2022 by Bryson P Connolly, we at B&B Power Clean are here to improve Lincoln City and its neighboring towns with our expert pressure washer crew. We were built on our founder's passion for the industry, so we can guarantee that the quality of our work is fueled with this passion. "A bit of obsession and total involvement," Mr. Connolly has said. "No day is wasted when you love your work." With this, we are proud to declare our mission statement:

A luxury service for homeowners and business owners made easy, preserving homes with care and equipped with the knowledge to best clean or restore any surface.

A home is often our greatest asset, and a good pressure washer like B&B Power Clean can help to protect that investment. In Oregon, nature moves in on us quickly, and it's a daunting task to maintain alone. When a home feels clean, we feel good. We help our community accomplish these tasks and goals by going above and beyond. Unlike our competitors, we won't cut corners. We will even show up twice if necessary. And when it comes to certain services, like our best service roof cleaning or window cleaning, we take the extra step in using chemicals to clean rather than using aggressive tactics that could harm the material.

These methods and techniques are only some of what a B&B Power Clean pressure washer guarantees. To learn more about how a pressure washer can help your Lincoln City property, give us a call at 541-921-4493 and speak with one of our amazing staff members.

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